Jazz Guitarist Bill Martin interprets the American Songbook
"Unlike so many current jazz guitarists who are easiest to  follow on streaming music channels, Martin does not interpret contemporary pop songs of the last two decades. Instead, he dips into the mid-20th century songbook to bring new life to classic tunes--many that were originally written for motion pictures and television shows."

"The Title track of the CD is a prime example. "Mr. Lucky" was written by Henri Mancini for a 1959-60 television series about an honest gambler. Another track, "Moonlight in Vermont " was recorded by in 1956 by jazz guitarist Johnny Smith but might have reached it's zenith when Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald performed a duet of the tune that you can still find on You tube.
"Hi-lili Hi-lo" was first recorded by Dina Shore with an orchestra in 1952 but dozens of artists have recorded it since, from the Everly Brothers to the inventive country guitar picker Chet Atkins to Canadian country/pop singer Anne Murray."
Tom Ross, Steamboat Today, February 23, 2017

"Already an accomplished guitarist when he set out to develop his own style of performing jazz standards, Martin practiced diligently for four to six hours a day for two years. The work paid off — there are times when it sounds as if two guitarists are performing.”
Tom Ross, Steamboat Today, December 10, 2010

"[Bill Martin] leads them through the four emotions -- 'happy, sad, fear and hope,' he said. 'Music should be an emotional voyage.'"
Autumn Phillips, Steamboat Today,  December 22, 2005

"Casual listeners will enjoy the nostalgic tunes, while serious guitar players will be listening closely to try and figure out, How does he do that?'"
Tom Ross, Steamboat Today, November 28, 2003

“Variety is what Martin is aiming for with his new set of music. He wants to play a blend of styles and rhythms to keep his audience interested.”
Doug Crowl, Steamboat Today, January 3, 2003